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Quality first

Quality is important at every stage of production and distribution.

We are in direct contact with producers and are engaged in cultivation contracts. These partnerships play a major role in quality. 100% sustainable agriculture is essential to determine the plants, the use of fertilizers and treatments in respect of nature and public health. The good contact with our producer-partners does not take away the controls and approvals that follow our products from planting to delivery.

At ELITE FRUITS, the staff is following specialized training courses for quality approval at the reception of fruit and vegetables. Provided by the National Union of Wholesale Trade in Fruits and Vegetables (UNCGFL) and validated by DGCCRF, this training is part of the FEL’ENGAGEMENT.
By this term of FEL’ENGAGEMENT, ELITE FRUITS has committed to a systematic visual, olfactory and tactile control which covers the following points of interprofessional standards or agreements:

  • The minimum characteristics
  • Quantity and unit weight
  • The category
  • The calibre
  • The labelling
  • The date of marketing
  • The packaging
  • Apparent maturity

In the case of a failing supplier’s non-compliance or monotoring, a further control will be done. The consequences can be significant : a back to the provider, destruction or compliance by sorting or downgrading. Of course, ELITE FRUITS producers have contracted to avoid these provisions.

Quality is also a factor during the handlings of the product. For fruit and vegetables, it is important to avoid physical and thermal shocks. So, transport and 80% of storage spaces are refrigerated to 4°C while 20% are refrigerated between 10 and 12°C for goods dedicated to retail sale, thus avoiding excessive thermal amplitudes. The traceability system records information to describe the origins and trace the supply chain.

Logistics :

Our logistics is entirely focused on customer satisfaction for our deliveries. Direct and fast transport ensures the freshness of fruit and vegetables. Thus, a cargo leaving Spain on day A is delivered on day C. To achieve results above the standard, we have developed timelines that are essential in our logistics system.
Everything begins with the inclusion in the specifications, which we lay down rules for producers, of strict compliance with the delivery and removal conditions.
Then, the checks are carried out as soon as possible after the departure of our carrier’s truck based in Perpignan. A shortened and fast information chain allows us to take all the necessary measures to ensure quality and delivery times.
Elite Fruits works with carriers who over the years have become reliable and flexible partners. Here again, we find our principle of friendship and trust chain dear to Elite Fruits.