ELITE FRUITS, a family story

Spanning more than 60 years of activity, the Ferrer’s have been in business since 1955 on the wholesale fruits and vegetables market in Les Halles, first in Paris then in Rungis.

Enrique Ferrer runs a small family business producing vegetables and fruits. To sell this produce, he created a sales office in Les Halles de Paris, which were at that time, still located in the centre of the capital.
In collaboration with Spanish producers, he quickly was able to offer a wide range of fruits: his tasty pears and sun-kissed peaches soon made him famous.

The market of Les Halles leaves Paris, the Ferrers move to Rungis: another place, a different atmosphere, a new era begins.

David Ferrer, Enrique Ferrer’s son, creates the ELITE FRUITS company. The name reflects the company mission; to offer an irreproachable quality of fruit and vegetables on the Rungis MIN.

ELITE FRUITS expands its range of product and sets itself ambitious objectives. To this purpose, the company develops the following partnerships with:

  • A growing number of fruit and vegetable producers.
  • New customers such as supermarkets and central purchasing agencies.

Sarah Ferrer, Enrique Ferrer’s granddaughter, partners with Jean-Manuel Mendez to give a new boost to the brand-building.

ELITE FRUITS, your favourite fruit and vegetable wholesaler at the Rungis MIN